Wednesday, 9 June 2010


A CLOCKWORK SLADE (Pen & Ink, A4) June 2010


Mondo said...

Now that is Genius..Love to see it on a t shirt..

Paul McDonald said...

Hello Mr. Mondo, long time no hear...Ive been following your blog and see that things have been not so great at Mondo Mansions so hope things are slowly on the up!
Im looking for a collaboration of sorts and wondered if you had any ideas? If you fancy doing a project of some kind with you providing the dialogue and me illustrating...maybe the stories/myths behind famous songs???? let me know your thoughts...anyway speak soon sir!
p.s - I'll somehow get that design on a t-shirt for you between now and christmas!

Mondo said...

Always up for a collab, sounds a fine idea. Let me have a thinky.

Have you though about getting in touch with Slade (Myspace or somesuch) about merchandising the design?