Monday, 9 March 2009

T-Shirt Design

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T- Shirt Design (Hand Drawn - Pen & Ink - A4)2009


Planet Mondo said...

Genius - what a peach!

Coop said...

Lovely work. Dave from Planet Mondo is my neighbour and recommended your blog, we have very similar tastes in most things. I've put you on as a link on mine, any chance of you doing the same. I'm trying to do a blend of art and music, probably more art based cos there are so many cool music blogs out there already.
Cheers, Paul.

Paul McDonald said...

Thanks Dave!
Hi Coop - Id be glad to link you up my friend. Had a little look at your blog this afternoon but will have a proper look tonight..loving what Ive looked at so far though sir! maybe we should do some kind of collaboration?? Im always on the look out for new projects to get tucked into!
anyways, keep in contact and enjoy your weekend!
Art Rocks!